Our Clients

Client relationships are the lifeblood of our business. They reflect the character of our company as clearly as our executive officers or our marketing materials. We view ourselves as contributors who partner with you to enhance the value of your business.

Clients overview

In addition, more financial backing from venture capitalists, more comfort with subscription revenue as a business model, and increased interest in OSS (Open Source Software) within larger enterprise organizations are helping to accelerate the OSS adoption rate.Cost savings continue to be the biggest driver of adoption.


Consumers and enterprises demand even faster, more flexible means of communication, packed with next-generation functionality. To meet these demands, leader in the communication space seek expert consultation and highly skilled IT professionals to push the limits of technology and profitability keep pace with the speed of complex industry changes.

Health care

Most people who get into cillium Healthcare IT come from a career spent primarily, in hospital or informatics department. By the time they seriously explore such a career move, they have five-plus years of industry experience and have worked for multiple organizations.


The energy industry faces environmental pressures, strict government regulations, an aging workforce and a variety of IT and security challenges. To ensure reliability and business transformation, legacy modernization and intelligent infrastructure initiatives are underway for many energy IT leaders.

IT Services

Regardless of whether you need IT resources for two months, two years, or need them on a permanent basis, our team of recruiting and staffing professionals is ready to support you with the best technology resources when and how you need them.


Cillium Government services supports federal, state and local government programs. Whether you need end-to-end capabilities or modular services that can augment your existing teams and fill gaps in your program plans, we partner with you to create the best-fit solution. Our unmatched IT talent management expertise enables us to secure and deploy the right IT professionals through the best service delivery models to achieve program goals.