Our Expertise

Cillium helps business leaders to maximize shareholder value and government organizations to meet their targets through effective IT strategy. Cillium works side by side with our clients through the lifetime of their transformation programs - spanning the vision, scope, justification, design and implementation.

IT strategy services include:

Business and IT design

A sound architecture is an essential part of implementing and delivering business and IT strategies successfully. Cillium's expertise in the definition, design and delivery of major change initiatives has proven crucial in meeting our clients’ IT strategy and organizational objectives. In addition to our broad sector understanding Cillium has deep knowledge of technical and information architectures, and how these integrate in transition planning. We consider all aspects that will influence the successful implementation of a solution, while ensuring business priorities and needs are being met. Cillium's design authority' service provides independent assurance that all aspects of architecture design are consistent in content and quality, and will deliver against overall business objectives.

IT Strategy

Cillium's approach to IT strategy is different because it spans the visioning and scoping of the required change, its justification, its design and its implementation, so that it consistently creates value for our clients. We do this by

  • concentrating on selected areas that will extract the maximum value.
  • Asking the questions that get to the root issues from the outset to ensure a 'benefits-led' approach with a focused vision.
  • Aligning both the business process and computer system aspects of any change to the vision anticipating the major business and technical obstacles to successful delivery to ensure a 'right first time' implementation of all IT strategies.

Our approach is appropriate for clients about to embark on a major IT-enabled change program, but is equally effective for resolving issues with ongoing change programs that have run into trouble. Our teams of consultants work together with clients to bring business insights, knowledge of industry best practice and cross-sector experience.