Cillium provides our clients with the insights and capabilities that boost their freedom to achieve superior results through information technology, software and energy management/production .Cillium enables our clients to navigate the continuing evolution in the products and services of IT, Application Development and Energy Utilization. Cillium consults and Implements in the areas of applications, cloud services, block chain, cyber security, managed networks, energy utilization and management, asset management, infrastructure, services and training Cillium is armed with a strong team of IT and Energy professionals as well as robust strategic partnerships with the best solution providers in these areas. At Cillium our professionals have a passion for client satisfaction, leading technology expertise, deep industry and process optimization.

Cillium Corp provides IT services and accelerates growth for global clients by solving complex business challenges with technical Innovations and Business processes optimization. We specializes in IT Application Development on variety of platforms, mobility, cloud computing, digital transformation, business intelligence, data analytics, Quality Assurance, infrastructure, EAI and ERP solutions.

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Client relationships are the lifeblood of our business. They reflect the character of our company as clearly as our executive officers or our marketing materials. We view ourselves as contributors who partner with you to enhance the value of your business.

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In addition, more financial backing from venture capitalists, more comfort with subscription revenue as a business model, and increased interest in OSS (Open Source Software) within larger enterprise organizations are helping to accelerate the OSS adoption rate.Cost savings continue to be the biggest driver of adoption.

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