Energy Management System

Consuming a tremendous amount of KWs. of electricity a year, By retrofitting with WHPS Energy Reduction Systems, we estimate companies can reduce energy costs by greater than 20% in those areas where our systems are installed. Our systems will give the means to manage, conserve and optimize the energy performance of the site’s lighting systems, HVAC systems, boilers, refrigeration units, industrial motors, water pumps, integrated power networks and more. The products are designed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have a service life of 15 years. With the staff and experience to custom manufacture systems to the unique specifications of the company and complete the necessary site installation. The project price point is structured in a manner so that the client can achieve 100% ROI within 24 to 36 months depending on the contractual arrangements.

DocMovement - An Open Source CMS Product

Document movement is a sophisticated system software model and Information Life cycle Management that tracks the origins and other information of documents and their structure within a fairly large corporation internally and externally. This is an open source document movement system/software.


When a document is created, it starts of with an initial set of properties. Then grows as the document moves between entities within a corporation. It is exchanged between people, systems through a variety of mediums, FTP, email, http etc. DocMovement provides a way to facilitate the movement of such document rather easier and in a meaningful way. Full indexing of documents and versioning is one of the primary steps in facilitating towards the document movement. DocMovement is built on a common client/server architecture. Both client and server are platform independent.

DocMovement is built on a common client/server architecture. Both client and server are platform independent

  • Document movement can be tracked between individual parties, workgroups, collaboration groups, companies etc
  • Using open source powerful indexing technologies, once indexed, documents can be marked according to topics repeatedly and can be retrieved by different criteri
  • Documents in the repository can have assigned properties.
  • A very user friendly windows style web based interface reduces the user learning curve.
  • Client is fully built with the latest technologies such as DHTML, XML, AJAX, DOJO and other open source technologies. Which facilitates the application can be viewed in any operating system that has a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.
  • Server is built based on Java and J2EE technologies. It can also be built in PHP or Microsoft related technologies, but the open source nature of java allows the DocMovement to be deployed under any operating system, whether it is Linux, Unix or Windows.
  • Built in version controlling of documents.
  • User interaction software such as Email, Messaging are available.
  • DocMovement is driven by Open Source database MySQL that provides robust database services.
  • Security and access control list for users and workgroups.
  • DocMovement provides an open connector technology to plugin other applications through Message Queue [MQ] Series, SOAP etc

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