Asset Management

Manage your assets as a measurable process Your capital assets need to be actively managed, whether they are real estate assets, industrial assets, production assets or information technology assets. Between upkeep and upgrade, redundancy and re-use, how do you get visibility into the big picture, and track progress against these capital-heavy projects?

A business process-driven approach to asset management provides your organization with a set of well-defined, actionable steps to enhance performance and cut costs in support of your overall enterprise strategy.

Change Management

What is your challenge today? Whether you face cost reduction efforts, operational performance improvement initiatives, internal transformation, reorganizations, mergers, or technology implementation, you are almost always facing a major change in your organization. Many of the risks and challenges to making these changes are "people-related" and these must be managed for successful implementation.

Explicit management of your company’s material assets can provide

More efficient operations:
        By treating asset management as a discrete enterprise process, one that can be refined, automated and measured, you can squeeze more from your capital investments.

A streamlined asset portfolio:
        Cillium can advise you on acquiring and holding the right assets, and supporting them with the right organization and systems.

Improved return on investment:
        With infrastructure in place to leverage the potential of all your organizational assets, you’ll be positioned to realize improved and ongoing capital performance.

Getting your most valuable assets from "here" to "there"

Effective change management has truly become a business and risk management imperative. Too often, major initiatives fail because of organizations’ inability to take unified action. To help your organization achieve both your short- and long-term objectives, you need a pragmatic approach with the goal of connecting people around real issues and making things happen.

Focussing on your specific needs

You need a practical approach based on established strategies and tactics that support improved business results and make your organization work. While there are common challenges that any large organization faces, you want to know that your partner intimately understands your challenges and can provide a tailored approach. Cillium has that deep knowledge and experience in both the private and public sector to develop a customized plan that will help you implement real change.
Learn more about how we assist commercial and financial services organizations in achieving both short- and long-term business objectives.
Find out more about how we help public services organizations "make government work."

IT Strategy & Transformation

Information technology leaders are increasingly pressed to do more, do it faster and do it at a lower cost. You can no longer rely on an influx of money and people to get better results. New regulatory mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and other privacy regulations, pose a further strain on limited IT funds and resources.

What’s required are new approaches to deliver higher levels of strategic value to the organization at lower cost. The goal is to fully use your technology efforts and align IT with your company’s enterprise strategy.

Get More From Your IT Efforts

Our IT Strategy and Transformation Solutions are designed to help you increase the value your IT organization provides the enterprise. We help you identify, articulate and gain executive management consensus and work with you to define the right alignment between IT and business. Once alignment is reached, we can help identify opportunities to improve IT efficiency and effectiveness and create blueprints to set the strategy and transform IT.

Manage Your Asset Portfolio

Cillium’s Asset Management Solution helps you lay the foundation for a set of well-defined, actionable steps to improve asset maintenance costs and asset value and production efficiency. By effectively identifying, monitoring and managing these assets, you can deliver cost savings, operational efficiency and the potential for innovation.

Our solution helps you

Review and identify opportunities for portfolio improvements related to real property, Manage and secure valuable industrial production and information technology assets. Track and manage maintenance costs.

Increase the Value of IT

Better alignment of IT and business: By integrating IT strategy with business strategy, you will increase the value that IT offers to the enterprise through greater innovation, risk management and operational integration.
Greater efficiency: Our portfolio of solutions helps control expenses while improving overall IT value.

Enhanced IT credibility: Raise the credibility of IT throughout the organization by consistently delivering on-time and on-budget projects, meeting service level agreements and contributing to financial performance.
Improved Consensus-Building across the Enterprise: By actively involving and engaging executive management, you can gain support from the highest levels of the organization, allowing you to execute on the roadmap.