Augmented Reality and Mobile Shopping

The retail landscape is overcrowded and customers are becoming desensitized to traditional marketing methods. That's where augmented reality comes in. As shoppers turn to a blend of online, mobile, and bricks-and-mortar shopping for their convenience, brands and retailers are having to think of new and innovative ways in which they can capture customer attention.

Augmented reality - or AR - has the power to bring an image, product label or even shop window to life. Customers can see brands and their stock in a new way and engage with them on a completely new level. It's creative, innovative, and it works. Customers are lapping up AR integration in store and brands are beginning to take note.

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Retail Industry and Mobile Technology

Retail is a dynamic industry with its own set of multifaceted and diverse business processes and requirements. Retailers today are challenged with addressing multiple disruptive technologies and the demanding "Digital customer" who like to order products and services using more than one touch points at their convenience of location and device. Today the strong focus is on innovation. There are new store formats being launched along with multiple selling channels such as online, kiosks, mail catalogues and call center etc. here is a need for Retail organizations to become truly omni-channel by providing seamless shopping experience to the customer no matter what channel, format they use for their shopping.

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